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Erectile dysfunction is consistent or frequent inability to get or maintain an erection, which is essential for satisfactory sexual activity. Though, most men at times are not able to get proper erection or lose erection prematurely during sexual activities, some men around the world suffer from these difficulties regularly. There are not accurate statistics on how many people are affected by this physical condition; however it is figured that roughly half of men above the age of 40 in Canada and the United States of America have frequent problems maintaining or achieving an erection. In addition, the number of people suffering from erectile problem increases with age, nevertheless it is not regarded a normal component of aging. Most of the cases could be successfully treated with the help of sex stimulant drugs such as Levitra. Patients can buy levitra online cheap after properly discussing their sexual problems with a doctor. 

Buy Levitra Online

What is Levitra?

Levitra is a productive prescription drug, which contains active ingredient vardenafil, used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, which works by assisting the blood flow in penis to achieve and sustain an erection. 

Instructions to Take Levitra

Use Levitra as recommended by the doctor and take it by mouth with or even without food. For optimum results, try to take the drug at least 1 hour before any form of sexual activity. If you take the medicine more than once daily, it could lead to side effects, therefore ask your doctor before increasing the dose. If you are on levitra medication, ask your physician before you drink grapefruit juice. Moreover, the medicine should not be used if you are drinking alcoholic beverages as this may lead to side effects. 

Dosage Information

Usually, the recommended starting dosage of the drug is 10 mg. The dose might be increased to maximum 20mg or even decreased to 5mg according to side effects and efficacy. The maximum recommended dose is actually once per day. Due to different medical conditions or drugs taken, some men could take low dose. If you are suffering from kidney/liver problems or are above the age of 65, the doctor may recommend a lower dose. 

Side Effects of Levitra

Check with your physician if any of these common side effects continue or become bothersome: upset stomach, nausea, heartburn, flushing or dizziness. Seek immediate medical attention if any of these side effects occur: memory loss, chest pain, severe headache, severe muscle or back pain, persistent or severe vision changes, swelling of the lips/face/mouth or sudden loss or decrease in hearing. Buy Levitra online and overcome the problem properly. 

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